PureCBDiol™ Chemical Analysis Reports


Here you will find each of PureCBDiol's™ Chemical Purity Analysis Reports, by Batch. All batches are cross-referenced by an independent lab, Iron Laboratories™, in Walled Lake MI.

This is the second stage of determining the purity of our product. We have very strict guidelines to guarantee you are receiving the purist CBD available.  

In the lab reports you can see we double check that there is only CBD and no THC in any of our products. 

Only 99%+ Pure Pharmaceutical Grade CBD.

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LOT:  A6060717I1   Potency Profile,  RSA 

LOT:  A6060717 WSP1   Potency Profile,  RSA 

LOT:  A6060717 1  Potency Profile

LOT:  A6060717 2  Potency Profile

LOT:  A6060717 3  Potency Profile

LOT: ORE-375-10  Potency Profile

LOT: ORE-375-25  Potency Profile

LOT: ORE-375-40  Potency Profile

Legacy Reports