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About Us

Our Goal

Here at PureCBDiol. Inc, we are striving to change the public's perceptive about CBD. Cannabidiol should be looked at as a therapeutic compound for the ill, with a pharmaceutical look. 

PureCBDiol. Inc is the leader in CBD tablets. We only use the purest CBD isolate, sourced from NON-GMO, naturally-grown hemp, grown right here in the USA. We are ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products available. 

PureCBDiol. Inc has partnered with the the best of the best CBD Manufacturers in the USA. All of our CBD API is hemp derived, all our manufacturers hemp is grown domestically here within the USA. Their facilities are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, as well as in full federal compliance with §7606 of the 2014 US farm bill. This means all of our products are in full compliance and are legal in all 50 states. 

PureCBDiol. Inc  is an 100% American Made company, every step from start to finish is done in the USA. Along with everything used, from the lab equipment from our API manufacturer, to the steel that goes into our tablet presses. Everything is done or sourced within the USA.


Quality and Purity

Each batch of CBD isolate we receive goes through a two-stage chemical purity analysis check; one from our supplier and then another from an independent lab. This is to ensure the purest product possible. All of our CBD products contain only pharmaceutical grade, 99%+ pure CBD. 

All of our products contain 0% THC


Our team here at PureCBDiol. Inc understands that everyone may not be comfortable or able to benefit from (CBD) cannabidiol in the form of smokeable CBD oils or tinctures.


This is why our team has developed a cGMP-compliant, easy-to-swallow tablets. Each one of our CBD tablets, Purelaxan™, is evenly dosed with our 99%+ pure, pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate. Purelaxan™ tablets are designed for rapid onset and maximum bio-availability.

Purelaxan™ allows for a convenient way to take CBD with you on the go, when you need it most. No more messy tinctures, bad tastes, or degraded or exploded capsules to deal with.

Purelaxan™ is the number one CBD tablet supplement on the market today. PureCBDiol. Inc is paving the way CBD should be taken. Healthy and convenient. 


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